Tua Tagovailo Concussion Should Have Been Prevented!

I am not one that watches the NFL or what they have to offer, as it has its own issues within the game.

One of those issues is money above safety, which has been on display the last 2 weeks. starting with the post below as “Exhibit A” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5c_zR85ca4). I am not an NFL or Miami Dolphins or Buffalo Bills fan.

However, I did suffer a severe head injury at 17, in which the local Dr.’s felt that throwing 30 stitches in my skull and sending me home hours later was sufficient “treatment” and now 25 years later I continue to plug away, but suffer the consiquences.

Clearly in the video below, Tua suffered a whiplash, impact concussion and the sideaffects are clearly displayed as he can not keep his feet nor move in a straight direction.

I watched the video, after someone asked my “professional opinion”, after stating their own and told them the same. Apparently the Dolphins staff and team doctors claimed this was a “back related injury” and let him return to the game.

Fortunately, nothing further happened to him after that play. However, I have seen other video’s and had others send me video’s of what happened last night “Exhibit B” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPbg_KIyUko) and the severity of the body locking and stiffness of the extremeties of the body, show that Tua has officially suffered 2 catostrophic concussions and will unfortunately have long-term damage and suffering.

I can only wish him nothing but the best and knowing he will have the millions in contract money behind him to get help in ways that others with similar injuries don’t have to get the same help, he will still have long-term health and head issues.

Between those of the NFL “investigating the situation” and not acting quickly to prevent this injury and those team doctors who continued to put him in harms way and not put him on an injured or inactive list, I believe they should all have their jobs and licenses revoked, as injury number 2 could have and should have been prevented.

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