One-On-One Personal Training

Private Personal Training Studio Cedar Rapids, Iowa

GoldenTrainer Performance Studio is a Private Personal Training Studio that allows my clients to perform their workouts and get all their questions asked without the disruption or eves-dropping of members. Sessions are usually performed in 30 minutes or 1 hour increments depending on one's fitness level and time availability. Each private training client is given workout and nutrition programs to follow during the times we are not meeting to eliminate the thought of, "I don't know what I am supposed to do on my own!" Average rates range between $40 to $70 per 1-hour session or $20 to $35 per 1/2 hour session. 

Workout & Nutrition Consultations

Personal Trainer Consultations

Being the premiere location for 1-on-1 private personal training in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I realize my schedule limits my availability to new clients at certain times of the day. I also realize there are people who have trained in the past that need a new workout & nutrition program to follow specific to their needs. I schedule workout & nutrition consultations to allow new and past clients to come in and have a workout & nutrition program developed to their current body configuration so they can reach their goals in the shortest possible time. These consultations are done for a 1-time pre-paid fee. 

Wholesale Supplements

Health & Nutrition Supplements

Being a supplement consumer myself, I had grown tired of paying retail prices on nutritional supplements and being sold on low-quality supplements from the local stores.  Highest quality supplements available every day of the week at wholesale prices or below. I do not require a membership or discount card to buy supplements. Everyone is welcome to come in any day of the week and pay the lowest price in the area on the highest quality supplements!

What can GoldenTrainer Performance help you with?

GoldenTrainer Performance Studio was opened in 2005 to allow my clients to receive private personal training sessions from a personal trainer that is dependable to be there for them, both during sessions and responsive outside of session times to help with nutrition and workout plans and progress.
The studio is equipped with a full line of Hammer Strength Equipment, Life Fitness Treadmill and Stationary Bike, 2.5 - 100 lb dumbbells, Life Fitness Body Motion Machine, and simple Balls, Bands, Everlast Heavy Bag and Speed Bag for boxing and kickboxing training and other sport-specific equipment.
The studio also provides a place for clients and the general public to buy their supplements (Protein, Creatine, Multi-Vitamins, Calcium, Meal Replacements, Diet Products, etc.) at a guaranteed lowest price in Cedar Rapids, Iowa every day. I make wholesale prices available every day and some days you will pay less than wholesale!
Being born and raised as part of the local community (Graduated from Cedar Rapids Prairie High School & Iowa State University) I want to bring my expertise and savings of fitness to the area to help my friends, family, and community with their lifestyle changes and health. Feel free to contact me with questions or for more information.
GoldenTrainer Performance Studio Incorporated has become the complete nutrition and workout education choice of people worldwide because of the competitive pricing and service that nobody can beat!
Questions that can not be found on, can be found by emailing or calling 319-721-4922. Calls and emails are answered when customers and/or clients are not present, but all patron customers know that emails and voicemails are returned quicker by GoldenTrainer than anyone in the industry. Feel free to contact us in the way you feel most comfortable and experience the best customer service you have ever received today!
Because of appointments taken both in-studio and out-of-studio, GTP does not operate on set "store hours." If you are looking to stop by during late evenings or weekends, it is best to call, text or email to see what "retail hours" are available for the day. Weekend availability is most common before noon.
If you are on your way to GoldenTrainer Performance, I am conveniently located on the corner of Center Point Rd & J Avenue Northeast! The location is about 2 blocks east of I-380 and about 6 blocks north of Coe College.