Quitting Is For Quitters. Working Through Tough Times Is For Winners!

It was a great compliment this week to be thanked by a current client and business owner, who considered quitting a few months ago, as times got tough with business stress. Due to high volume travel and having to have meetings with employees, they thought “putting training on hold” was the best option, as they thought there would be little progress during the last few months.

I explained that I had seen clients quit and gain 5-10lbs per month during that time, as they give up on their healthy activities and lifestyle(s) and turn to vices such as eating out, drinking more often and performing zero exercise. However, even working out to maintain their results would be best.

So, the last 5 months, they have been lucky to get 1-2 workouts in per week and despite their tough schedule and taking up of unhealthy options, they still lost 3lbs vs. gaining 25-30lbs.

I wish many could have this conversation with those who have gone both directions in their decision making, because hearing “thank you for pushing me to continue through the tough times,” is absolutely great to hear.

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