Importance Of Salt While Eating A Clean Diet

Last week I had a client that was worried about feeling like she was over training.  She felt fatigued, lethargic and overly tired and was thinking she was working out too much.

In walking through her exercise, food and liquid intake, it occurred that she was one of the few that has been eating overly clean and in trying to bring out more muscle tone and definition in her body, while doing A LOT of cardio in training for a marathon, she was short on sodium.

In removing as much as she had from her diet and sweating as much as she has, the body was craving more salt and water.  However, due to the lack of salt, the water was running through her body.

Sometimes, simple changes are overlooked and feelings are over-analyzed in trying to pinpoint the problem, but 1 week after making the change, she has said that increasing the sodium intake has made her feel 100% better than what she was feeling like just 1 week ago.

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