Response To Steroid Accusations

It is Saturday June 2nd, 2007 and I am getting the impression that I really must be looking good! On Friday June 1st, 2007 I had someone who I haven’t seen in 2 years show up to the studio to buy supplements and look at me and say, “geez, you are getting huge… Doing a little? (tapping the pit of his arm)…..” Implying I have in the past or currently am taking steroids. I quickly go on the defensive with this because I have become fed up with those who don’t work hard themselves, who imply those who do work hard only see results because they “cheat.” Like I have told many, I log my progress year-after-year and continue to work hard and adjust calories, fat, protein and carbs from one year to another to continually test my body. I am currently doing weight/resistance workouts in the morning for a minimum of 45 minutes and do a cardio workout that consists of a 3.5 mile run one day and alternate with a sprint workout on a track for about 1 hour. I do these workouts 7 days per week and follow a vigorous nutrition program that is strict with portions and times. This has allowed me to stay lean and go from 5’8″ and 130 pounds in 1998 as a high school graduate to 6′ 185 pounds in 2007. For those who haven’t seen me in a long time, I can understand the instant judgement and those who can not follow a strict regimen for more than a couple weeks, thinking there is no way I can actually live the way I do. They should also remember by growing 4 inches and putting on an average of 5.5 pounds per year over 10 years hardly calls for implying that steroids are the answer! I am not sure if or how my body would respond if I were on steroids, but I would assume I would be about 40 pounds heavier? I have had those close to me that know I take pride in being a natural athlete tell me they think people get the impression I am much bigger than I really am because of how lean I stay. I take natural to the extent of no tattoo’s or piercings! They also know because of the focus I have in reaching my goals, I regularly decline invitations to go to bars, go out to eat and avoid activities that are going to hinder my progress. I also understand that someone with a good physique often stands out in a place like Cedar Rapids, Iowa and jealousy is the culprit. I am sure I would find myself being just another “body” in many of the bigger cities around the world. I am willing to deal with the remarks because it beats the alternative, but also want people to understand that those who have used or do currently use steroids are very apparent if you know the side effects. For those who try to make themselves feel better by accusing those who work hard of cheating, maybe you should put the focus back on yourself and your discipline!