Doing What I Do For The Right Reasons

I do what I do for the gratification of helping people improve their lifestyle. I went to Iowa State University and received my Bachelor of Science Degree in 2002 in Exercise & Sport Science. I went through the certification process for ISSA and became certified in 2002, I became a Specialist in Performance Nutrition through ISSA in 2004 and now in 2007 I have become a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through NSCA. On an educational level, I am very critical because I feel it is important that all of our teachers in the world should have the best education and I feel as a Fitness Professional I am a teacher/instructor.
The big disappointment that I have continued to hear over the last couple years is a local gym owner has made the decision to make a judgment and share their opinion with members about myself. They continue to make a habit of frequently driving past the studio to see what is going on at GoldenTrainer Performance Studio. The rumors have gone from “he will go out of business soon” to “You pay for his lavish lifestyle” to harassing clients of mine about seeking (my clients words) “the best.” I appreciate the insults and criticism, because it has allowed me to seek alternatives for clients of mine for public facilities and many who overhear the conversations come to me because the insults raise their curiosity. They find (through their own investigating) that there is someone in the local industry that is in it for the people who they work with. This person is myself! I work with individuals 70 hours per week (and spend an additional 20 hours or more making workout and nutrition plans for all of them) and give them my utmost respect and attention with their goals, concerns and personal life issues that are brought to me on a daily basis. While my educated and personal presence in the Fitness Industry has come to be respected in California, Germany, Florida and other parts of the world, it seems to draw criticism from other industry persons in the area. Is this because of an affect on their business? The irony of the situation is the fact that this person had an opportunity to hire me in the past and have a highly educated and respected member of their staff when I was interviewed at their facility. I quickly decided it wasn’t the place for me when the person doing the interview was insulting my previous employer. I have found that you attract those who are similar to yourself. With the highly touted clientele that I have drawn, I feel there is a mutual respect that we share because while this person and their employees continue to bad mouth me behind their doors, I wear a smile and take it as a compliment that I am making a difference in other peoples lives for the right reasons and I am able to do this one person at a time without reaping a “lavish lifestyle”!