Difference Between Gym Trainers & I

I was asked this question again the other day, despite the person telling me they had been on and read through the website about me!
I have explained that (not in all cases) in many cases if you ask the right questions, you will find that the training staff in the local gym, club or establishment that you workout at, many of the “trainers” have no education, little education and/or certifications that are ONLY recognized at their workplace. Would you go to a Hair Stylist, Message Therapist or Doctor that went to a weekend course?
Because so many people work the same daily schedule, I can not always cater to those who have come to me for training because their schedule is not flexible. In this case, I have yet to find someone with an education that is wanting to work as a team to send customers they can not cater to myself and in return I do not do this for them.
Beings it is hard to find quality, the questions that SHOULD BE ASKED to anyone who is put in control of working with your body is:
What college did you attend? (Iowa State University)
Did you graduate and with what degree? (2002 with a Bachelor Of Science in Exercise and Sport Science.)
What company or companies are you certified through? (2002 & 2004 ISSA & 2007 NSCA)
How long have you been doing this? (More than 8 years total, January 2005 at GoldenTrainer Performance)
What type of clientele do you work with? (All Ages (13-72), body types and goals)
How often are you out of town or on vacation? (Usually 1 week per year, not including national holiday’s)
Many of these questions, I expect people to ask and they never do! This surprises me with people who have not visited GoldenTrainer.com. For those who have, I expect that all the information is clear and leaves them with fewer questions. The only question most are left with is, “what are your packages and prices?”
The reason I don’t make these public is because there are many gym owners and copy-cat training studio’s who are trying to mimic what I do and I will leave that for them to investigate for themselves. I know for the education I have under my belt that I am the lowest priced Professional in Cedar Rapids and am 1/2 to 3/4 the price of trainers of less or equal education in larger cities. My goal is to be feasible in your quest to change your lifestyle, so you don’t have to settle for those who don’t have the ability to give you the same quality that YOU SHOULD EXPECT!