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Sports One® Cut Up® is the potent natural diuretic to help you get shredded and to achieve that Cut-Up” look. Getting ready for a show or vacation? Check out this potent skin tightening diuretic from Sports One. Cut Up® blends natural waist trimming ingredients that can help you show off that hot body you have worked so hard for.

Highlights of new Cut Up® Include:

* Natural Diuretic Formula to Shed Excess Water Retention

* Rapid-Acting Herbal Fluid Optimizer

* The Ultimate Cutting Supplement for Enhanced Muscular Definition

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) extract is a key ingredient in Cut Up®. Dandelion is one of the strongest natural diuretics and its leaves are a rich source of potassium, a key electrolyte often lost through the use of other natural and synthetic diuretics, which helps maintain electrolyte balances. Uva ursi (also known as bearberry) extract is another important natural diuretic in Cut Up®. The hydroquinone derivative, arbutin, is the chief active diuretic compound in Uva ursi. Hi-Tech utilizes an extract of Uva ursi standardized to 20% arbutin in Cut Up®. To complement the dandelion and Uva ursi extracts, Cut Up® takes natural diuretic supplementation to another level by also incorporating a sizable wealth of additional herbal diuretic and electrolyte support compounds, including extracts from Juniper, horsetail, buchu, green tea (standardized to 98% polyphenols-45% EGCG), bladderwrack, ginger, Withania (standardized to 1% alkaloids and 1.5% withanolides), and capsicum (standardized to capsaicinoids, including capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin, and nordihydrocapsaicin). In addition to this potent, unique blend of herbal diuretics, Cut Up® also includes vitamins B3 and B6, as well as the electrolytes minerals magnesium and potassium in the maximum dosage available in a natural diuretic formulation. No other natural diuretic product contains an ingredient formulation comparable to Cut Up®. If you want to be ripped and vascular, Cut Up® is the best product on the market for achieving that look. Cut Up® allows a fast decrease of excess water, which is achieved by using Cut Up® for a limited amount of time — it should be used long enough to acquire impressive definition, but not used so long that you wind up with extreme intramuscular water loss and flat looking muscles, not to mention an inability to get a pump when working out.

Cut Up® is the ideal choice for bodybuilders and athletes and just as perfect for men and women who want a sharper look, maybe the beach or vacation or any event where they want to look their best. Additionally, Cut Up® may be worth looking at by the millions of women who tend to complain of periodic excess water retention.

With the introduction of Cut Up®, not only does Sports One unveil the most effective cutting formula available on the sports nutrition market, it also makes Cut Up® available to the mainstream market so everyone has the opportunity to gain control of unwanted, uncomfortable excess water retention.

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