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Many people have implied that I have good genetics and that is the reason I look the way I do and I donít know what it is like to have to work hard. I have also had others imply that I have cheated with steroids. Not that long ago, I was the skinny, little kid that did not have a build, was not able to put size on easily and didnít know what it would take to look as good as those people I would see in the magazines!
After years of hard work (and the hard work continues), I have done a lot of trial and error with my own body, logging food intake and every workout that I have ever done to transform my body into a built, six-pack body that receives a lot of praise and compliments! It is a lifestyle that is not easy to maintain and it is not a lifestyle that anyone desires! It is a lifestyle that is hell behind closed doors, but heaven when I step out in public.
Everyone wants me to give a simple, easy answer theory as to how I do this, how I do that or what I do. Many people try to mimic or copy what I do or follow the program I give them for 6-weeks, 1-year or longer, but never follow it to a ďTĒ and get frustrated and give up on trying.
If you exercise patience and discipline with your workouts, food-intake and nutritional supplement regimen, I will guarantee success over time, but as you can tell with the 7-year difference between these photos, these are not results you will see overnight! For the rest, they will continue to look for shortcuts!

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