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To the left is your key to opening several blog subjects and titles, all blogs are posted to address concerns, comments & topics that are brought up both in and out of GoldenTrainer Performance Studio Inc. While some are factual, some are strictly opinion and are not meant to be offensive in any way. This is my way of giving a broad spectrum of people a better idea of who I am and what I stand for. While I know that some may rub certain people in the wrong way, I try to stay away from topics of heavy debate including politics, religion and freedom of choice topics. I feel the reason we are blessed to live in America is for the freedom of choice and freedom of speech and in return I choose to write and give you all my opinion on different topics. It is your choice to read or go to a different page on this site! I hope you find that some of them are informative and help you in your quest of improving your lifestyle and/or your quest of finding that I improve my education and information so I am able to pass the most recent information on to you as my customer and client!