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Alyssa Testimonial:

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"When I came home after my freshman year of college, I was looking for a place to do some lifting, and to learn to do it safely and effectively. After several fruitless searches I found Bryanís website. At first I dismissed the thought of working with my own personal trainer; it seemed too elitist and desperate. But then it occurred to me, what better way to learn how to build tone and muscle safely than with a professional trainer! So I started working with Bryan and have not regretted it. Not only did I learn new lifting techniques that Iíll be able to replicate safely and effectively when I return to school, I also learned new ways to modify my diet to enhance my workouts, and I feel more confident when I walk into a weight room.
 Goldentrainer Performance provided a clean, private, and comfortable environment conducive to an enjoyable fitness experience. Bryan is always quick to accommodate my fitness needs, inquisitive but not nosy about my progress outside of his studio, and ready to answer any fitness or diet questions that I may have. All in all, my experience with him has been fun, productive, and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Goldentrainer to anyone looking to work hard and improve their health and fitness." - Alyssa
Alyssa amazed me with her dedication and drive to improve her health and fitness level in just 2 months! With her strict food and workout regimen, she was able to lose 8.2lbs and 7.3% body fat in just 2 months! This is the dedication I like to see out of all my clients and Alyssa provided the work on her part to "wow" everyone who saw her drastic results! - Bryan
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