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GoldenTrainer's Lazy Lingo:

I have come to realize most people are not honest with me, which means they are not honest with themselves. What is sometimes said, is not what I am hearing when I look into someone’s eyes.

GoldenTrainer’s Lazy Lingo:

What is said: “My metabolism has gotten slower as I have gotten older” – What is meant: “As I get older, the less I partake in physical activity.”

What is said: “I have an under active Thyroid.” – What is meant: “I have an under active lifestyle.”

What is said: “As I get older, it is harder to lose weight.” – What is meant: “As I get older, the less I do and the more I eat.”

What is said: “I don’t have time to workout.” – What is meant: “I choose to spend my time watching TV with a bag of potato chips.”

What is said: “I eat really strict.” – What is meant: “When I eat junk food, I close my eyes and don’t think about what I am putting in my mouth, since what I don’t see…. I don’t know about.”

What is said: “Yes, I worked out this weekend.” – What is meant: “I went to the mall and walked around for 1 hour as I ate a pretzel and sucked down a Pepsi.”

More to come.....